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                          1200w 48   2000w 48     3000W-48v                                                                      5000W-72v

                              8000W-72v     12000W-72


                                            high power

                               sur-ron Bee dirt e-bike


cindy 3
stealth bomber black sunny
cindys 6
sunny 2
sadle and stem
short seat stealth

Adults fat City Scooters e-bike

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Choice and Colour of Fenders to your  scooter

Classic vespa city scooter  E-bike


The New Generation of city scooters stylish well-built design each bike is custom built a spring off from the lambretta scooter with the motor in the back wheel and the battery in the floor of the bike. The battery is taken out to be charged and when fully charged very easy to replace back in the scooter charging time 3-5 hr the charger plugs into a normal house hold socket. The scooter will run on a fully charged battery for between 20-25 miles before recharging. Led display speed range and battery level average speed 24.8mph. Strong frame wide wheels that gives the scooter good balancing. Good smooth Suspension that gives the bike a good ride. There is a wide selection designs of these city scooters as they are custom made there is a selection of colours, patterns for both on road and off road. The off road scooters makes a good beach scooter for sea front cruiser and beach rids makes good gulf transporter. On road legal the scooters come with lights signal lights alarm bike lock at disc. Built in program for programing your mobile phone to the scooter 12 month warranty aftermarket parts service are available for the these bikes straight from the manufactures. Environmental friendly this is the way forward the future and great fun, Clean quiet form of traveling great head turner


Welcome to our world of stealth bomber e-bike you are looking at  very strong high end e-bike they are custom made .no petrol no oil no engine servicing no noise full of excitement freedom enjoyment kind to the environment  no fumes ideal for city commuting these bikes are strong and powerful with loads of torque and speed a statement of urban style riding with a smart look .  brilliant off-road bike when you want to go off-road on a weekend the bike comes into its own. its weight is 70kg with gears and twist  throttle action for a quick response. changeable seat or long seat like a motorbike seat is optional.

Throttle driven with pedal-assisted. When restricter is off  Be ready for plenty of torque and speed more than you can handle great bikes. a helmet is a must riding these  bikes

Super powerful and well balanced with batteries mounted inside the mid-frame area
Stable and reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology will last well
Full suspension for comfortable off road riding and jumping (upgradable front fork options)
Uses Cycle LCD computer system with lots of options and readouts, provides two modes of operation helping it to qualify as a legal ebike (can switch modes on the fly)
Regeneration button helps to recharge the bike and slow it down without wearing out the brake pads, it’s easy to reach and use when riding but stays out of the way when you really need to bear down on the handles for jumps or rough terrain
Offered in a wide range of colours including black, green,   red, white and BLACK
Stock pedals are good quality, made of metal with wide grippy surface
Hydraulic disc brakes provide great stopping power with very little effort and hand fatigue
Optional front headlight is sturdy and bright
Option to choose between studded or slick tires depending on riding need tight
Solid frame and rear suspension,
Much heavier than normal electric bikes (70 kg) 
pedal assist mode, have to twist the throttle to activate the motor
While the battery is removable, it requires tools and is really built to stay in the bike
good/midsection of the bicycle
Much more expensive an average ebike but offers a good range of options and higher quality parts including the Cycle Analyst computer



Sur-ron Off Raod
Massive 60V 6KW power with minimal weight of just 47KG = fantastic power

Fast Charge easily removable Lithium batteries made by Panasonic with integrated display
Charge time 2.5 to 3.5 hours with 10A 60V fast charger
Mid Drive   machine)
DNM Race spec forks and rear shock, Hydraulic Compression and Rebound adjust
Two power modes: Eco- Beginner’s mode and full power at the flick of a switch
USB Charging point 2.1A
LCD Digital Speedo with trip and max speed functions
3 way adjustable alloy rear sets
Lighting – LED front and Rear
4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear

 Here is  a   good  selection of  electric  folding scooters  ranging from commuting e- scooters  to your  high  speed  electric scooters on or off road. Single and dual motor scooters, front and rear  Spring brakes, good for all terrain with good performance and handling.  1  or  2 very powerful  bushless motors  from 350w to your  professional sports  off road 8000w motor in combination   and  a climb of up to  about 45 degrees with  ease making some of these e-scooters  the best  scooters for  professional riding  and street  track  racing. Safety  Gear is a must  helmet and clothing with pads must be worn. 

Greate  hydraulic Brakes in combination with  ABS System giving  accurate  braking power for these awesome scooters in every way. The manufacturers   take great pride in safety first. These scooters are very fast


Excellent Dual  LED lights front, side and rear.  Very visable for night riding Very good  Visibility.

The high   Powered  Electric Scooters Delivers   insane Acceleration and top speed. The real professional scooters  made for  off road  ideal for high speed track  use with smooth road tyres and threded tyers for off Road.  The Battery that can last upto 80 miles in a single charge with a ECO Mode it  delivers sufficient range for those real  thrilling high speed  rides. A real SPORTS SCOOTER.

For those real professionals again safety gear must be worn on all  high speed scooters. 

Helmets, clothing with  safety pads. These are also available on this site .

 These scooters   fold down   very  easily for transpoting in the boot of your car  

or on a train. 

Adult Folding  Electric  Scooters

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